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Reviews for Dux Dine

5 star rating
by Roger Fraser
one month ago

Only a Tuesday night and it was very busy. Always a good sign and proved to be true. A group of five we shared a range of entrees and all were very good. The squid was extremely good followed by the dumplings.

For mains we all had a range and the gurnard and blue cod dishes were excellent.

Although the staff were a little slow to start with once the restaurant began to quieten a little they were very attentive. It was a very busy night with hardly a table free.

We were seated outside but the evening was warm. All of us commented that we would be returning.

5 star rating
by Damanjeet Singh
2 months ago

Really good food and ambeience As the food is ultimateAble to find a good place to hang around Desserts and pizzas are mouth-watering Good ambience and good weather makes the food ammmmm

4 star rating
by JolieJolie
3 months ago

Second day in Christchurch, happily found this café on Zomato with good reviews! The interior design is beautiful .. So many ducks!

If you were sitting in the corner or outside the café, don't expect the staff will come to you.. Even if they said they would come back to you in a minute, they r actually not coming back to you •_• !! They were obviously not busy since I only saw few customers ...

So I walked to the counter and ordered the food by myself. Portobello mushroom with slow roasted tomato on side. The food was good!

5 star rating
by Danielle Richardson
4 months ago

Absolutely stunning! Great service, excellent garden bar, drinks served ice cold which was brilliant! The most delicious serving of filo i have ever tasted! I could rate this place a billion if i could! Pretty decent time wait too and the french girl that served us had an awesome accent and was super friendly! Will definitely be returning!

5 star rating
by Jaydn Isaacs
5 months ago

Booked at the last minute on a Friday night and the lady on the phone was all too happy to accomodate my 3pax. Once arriving, we were promptly seated and supplied water and menus. We placed our drinks order and were informed of the day's specials which all sounded incredibly appetising.
Our entrees - crab and prawn dumplings, calamari, the scallop special, and the seafood chowder came out remarkably fast and were exceptional; these were quickly followed by our three substantial mains - the tuna special, the pasta, and salmon.
No faults could be found with any of our dishes and the house lager was hoppy yet balanced and was a great accompaniment to the seafood. The service was great, despite the slight language barrier and loud ambient sound.

5 star rating
by Spronk
5 months ago

Pleasantly surprised by this restaurant each time I've been. They cook great fish, good enough that I haven't actually strayed further through their menu, and I just can't get enough of the polenta fries. Service has been really good each time.

4 star rating
by Michelle B
8 months ago

Have visited 4 times this year....Adore the building, fit out and garden....Menu always tempting and never fails to deliver...Just find the service could do with a little....oomph....yes it's polite and reasonably friendly and attentive but just lacks....a little true interest....commitment...and dare I say...passion....it's like....Yes, well I'm here....what do you want...

4 star rating
by John Crossland
9 months ago

Our visit this last Saturday rewarded us with very good food. We had been previously last year and wasn't as impressed. Maybe they were 'bedding in' the kitchen staff/wait staff when they opened. Very good food and prompt service now.

Fish is uniformly excellent. Not the cheapest, but fish is fresh. Good option of ordering 250ml wine when your table can't decide on a bottle to share. Better value than 150ml wine.

Recommend what we had. We had the fried squid to start and seafood pasta main. Cost for two with wine was $100. ($71 food and $29 for 2 x 250ml wine). Filling, fresh and tasty.

3 star rating
by Senga C
10 months ago

Our family (three adults) reserved a table and dined recently on Friday evening to celebrate a birthday. We used to patronize the Dux in its former setting and this was our first visit to the new location. Loved the ambience and the menu offers an excellent range of choices.
Service on arrival was friendly and polite. However all soups chosen as entrees arrived in cold plates and were tasty but only lukewarm. Drinks orders were fine. Major problem occurred with main course; one person ordered halloumi fritters and two of us ordered the fish special. Only one fish arrived. After a few minutes we queried this and were told the meal was definitely on its way. Then two minutes later we were told there had been a mistake; only one fish special had actually been placed and the missing meal would be delivered as soon as possible. At this point a second drinks order was requested. In the meantime the food (on cold plates) was getting even colder so two of us dined while the Birthday Person watched us eat. His meal was delivered fifteen minutes later, (again on a cold plate) by a different waitperson, after we had finished eating. The second drinks order never turned up at all. When it was time to pay, the cashier initially wanted to charge for the drink that was not provided. She had been informed of the problem with the main courses, and a casual apology was offered, but the impression left was one of indifference. While the meals were enjoyable, the service we experienced appeared disjointed and not customer-focused. Overall, a disappointing evening's dining.

3 star rating
by Alfred Schinkelshoek
10 months ago

Just experienced an average dinner. Staff were friendly & helpful. We were shifted tables to a quieter area in a very agreeable way. Food was well presented and tasty but then came the big disappointment of the evening. We were recommended a different wine for both of our seafood dishes but decided to go for a cmpromise wine that would suit both of them, thinking that any wine left over we would take home. When we asked about that, (after the bottle was opened) we were told that under no circumstances could we take any left over wine home due to some licensing law, even though we'd paid for it. This curtailed our spending on desserts consequently and made it a very average dining experience from what could have been a great dining experience for our 32nd wedding anniversary.

5 star rating
by Katrina Roy
11 months ago

Couldn't fault the food or service. Delicious, arrived quickly, portion sizes were perfect (they even did a half portion of a main for our 12 year old and the kids meals were also a good size), the service was friendly, polite & professional and the outdoor setting just right for an early evening meal. Will definitely go back again soon :)

4 star rating
by Anna Lamb
11 months ago

Just enjoyed a lovely dinner at the dux with a group of girlfriends. The food was fantastic and we were all very happy with our meals. The waitress catered to our needs and nothing was a problem. Portion sizes were just right and although the restaurant was busy, it was not noisy and our meals all arrived almost at the same time.
The only down size was the food envy that we had..... the salmon, pea fritters and filo parcels were all beautiful..... we will have to head back again!

3 star rating
by Lisa
Jan 02, 2014

We went in for NYE lunch as a family.
Service started off really good. Drinks and meals ordered and delivered quickly. Checked on to make sure food was good.

We finished our meals and waited as we wanted dessert. Howerver the plates were not cleared and dessert menu or further drinks not offered. Tried to get our waitresses attention but without success so we left.

The Dux I remember had a stong Vegetarian theme with some Seafood, but can now see the definite seafood theme.

It was good, and I wouldn't say no to going back, however it wouldn't be my first choice of places to go.

2 star rating
by Elizabeth
Dec 18, 2013

Surprising experience. We (2 couples) walked in for desert and a wine - around 7.30pm. The restaurant area inside was busy but outside was not - perhaps 3 small tables of patrons. We waited for a host and no one came. We loitered. We went outside and found a table. No one came. We went inside and mentioned to two waitresses that were were outside - and 'yes' we were walk ins. No one came.
Prepared with order and wine..... No one came... We went..... An interesting 30/40 minute experience. ...

3 star rating
by David Jones
Oct 21, 2013

Things that were good.... Good wine and beer selection, perfectly cooked grouper and Terikihi and calamari
Things that wern't so good..... Floury tasting coating on calamari, general lack of seasoning in just about everything, grotty truck stop salt and pepper shakers, dirty beer glasses, staff in dirty shirts and aprons and iodised salt instead of some nice flaked sea salt.
In summary the experience was disappointing and could have been a lot better with a little attention to detail. The new Dux Dine has the potential to be a great dining location and as we get more choices in Christchurch places that don't hit the mark won't survive. I hope that with the history that Dux has it doesn't become one of those places that we used to go to.

5 star rating
by Nat
Oct 17, 2013

Really don't understand the poor reviews below - went to Dux Dine this evening, and it was the best meal ever! Arrived at 8pm and without a booking managed to get a seat - usually this is a bad sign in Chch, but the person who greeted us was friendly and gave us a good table.

While the waiters took a while to take our orders after handing over the menu, the entree was worth the wait. Recommend the flat breads and spreads - soooo good! Loved the option of a small or large glass of wine.

We both ordered fish dishes as mains and the were FANTASTIC!!
No complaints about the meals, but they did takes ages to come out ...1.5hrs after we sat down. Bit annoying, but the meals were so good we forgot about the wait straight away. Meals looked small, but were deceiving! We shared one dessert - the chocolate mousse cake was fab, and the raspberry sorbet great!! Yum.

Very clean premises. I watched the waiter clean a table while I sat there and he did a brilliant job - sounds stupid but so many times I see a half arsed attempt, and it's no wonder everything ends up grubby. Kitchen very clean too.

Very good service. Nice young bloke was very good. Nice to be served correctly, and new napkins after each course. Very good.

Lovely atmosphere. Lovely meal. Thoroughly recommend. (And I usually complain about everything!!)

5 star rating
by Maggie-Lee Huckabee
Jul 30, 2013

I'm confused by the poor ratings below. I have breakfast at Dux Dine most mornings. Fantastic. Very comfortable, great food, great service. Have had dinner quite a few times with friends and occasionally big groups....never disappointed. Had dinner last night with several others. Fabulous blue cod. Oysters were said to be terrific and fresh. Four desserts shared amongst us...none disappointed. This place is a favourite and with so many new places opening in Christchurch, it has to be to deserve my loyalty. Sorry some of you have had bad experiences but I think that is not the norm.

2 star rating
by Dave
May 28, 2013

Noisy, hot then cold. Small portions, long waits and not feeling the love. Disappointed is really the sum total of our experience and if this was a step up from the De Lux we must have missed that boat. Hoped for so much more.

3 star rating
by L Gourlie
May 15, 2013

The new Dux really disappointed. Really pricy for boringly average evening meals, most lunchtime cafes offer a better selection. We had Spanopita - awful, and the fish of the day - gunard, cajun style. The fish was lovely but a tiny serving, really overpriced at $29-00.

Lovely coffee and lovely beer, but overpriced and underwhelming meals. Lovely atmosphere

5 star rating
by Tea
May 09, 2013

Just got home from a wonderful meal at Dux Dine . We were greeted as soon as we walked in the door and taken straight to our table . The Restaurant was warm and the atmosphere was alive . I was tipped from a friend of mine to order the Calamari entree , followed by the Groper with salsa verde on white bean mash , everything was perfect . My partner shared the Calamari and had the Papadelle pasta with Clams , scampi , local fish , parmesan as her main .She described it as one of the best pastas she has had in years . The service was excellent and I could not fault anything apart from being to full for dessert . We will be back !!!

2 star rating
by John Fletcher
Apr 19, 2013

We visited Dux in January and we loved the atmosphere they have created. Unfortunately this was in contrast to the very average food. The fish main was sad the curry even sadder. Thank goodness for the shoestring fries & calamari. Service was slow.
My wife phoned to discuss the next day and politely pointed out the shortcomings. We were urged to visit again and they would send a voucher we are still waiting..............

1 star rating
by Simone Watson
Mar 11, 2013

Have just returned from a very disappointing meal. We ordered both the smoked seafood and the antipasto style platters @ $35 each, and a bottle of wine (Main Divide Riesling always a goody) $108 total. The food was bland, under seasoned and boring. I can have olives, hummus and pesto at home. Polenta fries were soggy. Vics (toasted) ciabatta was great, the un-toasted baguette was stale. The mussels and cockles in the shell and bread made up the backbone of the seafood platter with an odd pile of overcooked white fish (possibly left over from the weekend) and what appeared to be hot smoked salmon off cuts that had been warmed in the oven. I could go on but will get to the biggest kicker. When asked how our meal was we very un-enthusiastically replied OK. Our tone clearly indicated we were not happy. We were not questioned further. We made our way to pay and without being asked by the cashier how our meals were or if we were satisfied were asked to pay. At this point, annoyed at the lack of interest I commented, "since you asked, our meals were decidedly average" We were asked what specifically and gave a couple of examples the response was sorry you feel that way as he took our money and sent us on our way. We stopped on the way home and my partner got takeaways. You should be ashamed of yourselves this review could have been avoided with a little attention to detail, and taking notice of your customers feedback. We feel ripped off. We eat out at least twice a week and are both chefs, this is only the second review I have felt the need to write. Peeved and Hungry.

3 star rating
by Jo Manson
Mar 04, 2013

This is my third visit to the Dux Dine. On previous visits I was very happy with the food & service. The thought the decor and layout well done.
Hostess and staff friendly and helpful.
On the down side, I felt that their policy on having to get your own water and take your orders up -if dinning outside, was odd. Half of the veranda area was included in the dine in area and 1/2 the outside! We felt that the outside area was close enough to be serviced. It makes no difference to the number of patrons for staff to take orders from outside. as guests will leave an empty table in side. Maybe they need to increase staff levels? However there appeared to be plenty. (I have worked in this industry for many years on the floor & management)
My seafood chowder was nice but had been sitting prior to being brought out to the table. The soup had a skin on and was just hot! Yes I could have sent it back and next time I will.
These are just little things that can be easily fixed and hope you think about our comments, with a positive approach. I would give the Dux Dine another go - if joining others but won't rush on my own accord.

4 star rating
by Michelle
Feb 17, 2013

It would be difficult to find anywhere with a better selection of vegetarian and fish dishes. Lots to choose from, good fresh produce, beautifully prepared. Add to that the lovely surroundings, and the new Dux is at least as special as its predecessor. Plenty of tables indoors and out yet the noise levels mean you can have a good conversation over dinner, attractive grounds and reasonable prices (a lot of similar places in Christchurch are currently very expensive) all in a character building - the only downside was that the carpark was too small for the numbers of people dining there on a Friday night, but that was a very small negative alongside many positives.

5 star rating
by James
Jan 29, 2013

First visit in the new location. We (7 of us) walked in off the street and were quickly seated.

The wait staff were very polite and attentive, mains took about 25 minutes to arrive despite a large party already being there before we arrived.

I had the massaman curry. I'm not a huge fan of tofu but it was cooked nice and crispy, the rest of the dish was quite flavoursome and perfectly seasoned. Quite a large meal as well, we all left feeling well satisfied.

Overall, we were very impressed. The food is delicious, the staff above average and all at a reasonable price as well.

Will definitely be returning.

4 star rating
by Judy Giles
Jan 23, 2013

Went today and YES - 3 salads and bread still there. Fantastic surroundings and compartmentalised as of old. Loved the potager. Seemed to be a bigger helping than usual with the same bread too. We found the staff to be very helpful. Definitely back on the agenda. Of course not in the hub of the city, but hey, you have fought hard to be there! Congratulations Richard - you can't keep a good man down.

2 star rating
by Anne Roberts
Jan 23, 2013

The restaurant is beautiful and has a lovely garden setting. Was so looking forward to some tasty salads that I use to enjoy at the old Dux. The calamari was very average for the price, just deep fried with some chutney. The Asian noodle salad was very bland with no flavour.
Will not be returning in a hurry.

1 star rating
by Luke Russell
Jan 19, 2013

We used to be regulars at the dux de lux. Dux dine was very disappointing.

Paid too much for food which was bland and disappointing. Eg, Flat bread was 18 dollars, for that price you would expect more than what was presented as a pizza base with some butter, garlic and a few dips in ramekins.

Table service non-existent, except if you are sitting at the staff table. Who were enjoying fantastic service while the rest of us went to the bar to order.

We won't be going back, and recommend staying away until they get some good management.

4 star rating
by Frances Adank
Dec 31, 2012

Lost my booking too but quickly found us a spot, good flat bread and drinks, food a little ordinary for the price I think but will give it benefit of doubt as decor was so cool and good effort from whoever put colours together and did garden. Wish it was right in town. Nice wait staff.

2 star rating
by Geoff Barnett
Dec 19, 2012

Great food great decor ....BUT... no table service at lunch time....come on... you can't charge prices like that then expect people to queue up and pay in advance.
Would be 4+ stars if you changed your outdated policy.

5 star rating
by Luana Walker
Dec 06, 2012

There's no place like home!

Was really looking forward to my dining experience at the 'new' Dux Dine - it did not disappoint!
From the fabulous decor which I can only describe as a breath of fresh air, to the amazing food.
First time I have ever eaten mushrooms in a croquet form and really enjoyed it. The fish dish was wonderful and enjoyed by at least 6 in our party of 12.
Once a local of Christchurch and now living in Auckland I would say that the Dux Dine would certainly give a lot of Auckland restaurants a run for their money.
Keep up the good work guys - I will be back with friends :)

5 star rating
by Sara Green
Dec 05, 2012

Being an "old school" Dux diner" I was waiting with baited breath for the Dux dine to reopen its doors so I could once eat the wonderful aquatarien food that I fondly remember.
This beautiful old house now holds one of Christchurch's iconic restaurants, every room is beautifully decorated and the garden would make many a gardener envious.

The group I was with ordered Oysters, bread and dips, polenta chips and a range of salads and everything was washed down with the Dux beers and everything was amazing!

The Dux now do table service and the menus have beautiful old Christchurch on them, many a tourist will be slipping it into there bags to take home I think.

Well done team Dux you must be very proud .


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