Speight’s Ale House

3 star rating 10 reviews

Telephone 03-376 4071

2A Waterman Place

New Zealand, A La Carte
Mon - Thu 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sun 9am - Late
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Ferry Speight’s Ale House is an Ale House situated in the eastern Christchurch Suburb of Ferrymead


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Free Off-Street, Free On-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Beer, Wine, Spirits
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian
Meals Served:
Dessert, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Reviews for Speight’s Ale House

2 star rating
by Maryanne S.
27th June 2014

the entree was fine. mains we had ribs we were in a big group but they were dry over cooked. we were dispointed . have been before and had great meals so was a shame to only give them a 2/ 5 stars.

1 star rating
by Sophie S.
12th April 2014

Worst meal and service we have ever experienced! We went for dinner this evening and almost all of the mains on the menu were ordered at our table (there were 15 of us) and every meal was bellow average. My friend ordered the Caesar salad with no anchovies (said repetitively) and they served her anchovies on her salad. The waiter apologized and took the food back to the kitchen. He then returned with the same salad informing us that the chef didn’t put any anchovies in her meal but there may be anchovies in the sauce. I tried the salad and there was most certainly fish in there. So she was left with no dinner while everyone else ate their bad meals. We couldn’t believe they didn’t replace it! My partner and I ordered the calamari – worst calamari I have ever had and that’s a big call for me as that is all I order when we go out (I love it to much)! It was oily and so over cooked it was inedible. We stood up to go and pay and the waiter walked straight past us! My partner waved him over and he yelled out “I’m not working there tonight”. I guess that meant he wasn’t working on the till because he still didn’t come over and serve us. A waitress ended up coming over and she was far more helpful, apologetic and understanding. We didn’t get charged for the salad in the end, not like we were going to pay for it anyway. Never ever returning to this place again.

4 star rating
by Michelle
20th June 2013

So far the best restaurant i have found in Christchurch.. it may be part bar but the food is absolutely well done! Very very good prices… and good service.. they could do with a few more staff or more vigilant waitresses..but other than that a great place.. lovely atmosphere and quality food… will keep going back… Recommend this place to anyone who is looking for large portion sizes of wholesome food for a low price..

1 star rating
by Euge W.
20th December 2012

I went to the Speight Alehouse Ferrymead on 29-NOV-2012 with some guests and wanted to show them a good time, we ordered a variety of items from the menu including 2 steaks, the Half Pound R/Eye $33.50 and the Flintstone Steak $38.00. When the 2 steaks came out, the Flintstone was burnt with the taste of charcoal all over it and the Half Pound R/Eye was meant to be a medium steak but it was really well done and was hard, dry and chewy. I told the waitress and she took it back to the kitchen and she came back apologizing and offered to remake the meal. I wanted the meals remade but to takeaway, because by that time we where put off from eating there. The waitress went and came back to advise me that their takeaway policies do not allow for takeaways meals, so she offered to have the entries taken of which was about $25 in total, because our steaks went back in the kitchen and did not come back out I thought the steaks where free of charge. But after I had paid and checked the bill, they had still charged me for the 2 steaks that we did not eat. Because I had guests with me and did not want to make a fuss and left. But it left me felling rotten all night as I know that my guests did not get to eat their meals and I felt hugely embarrassed and lost of face.

2 star rating
by Amber C.
12th November 2012

Big ideas, poor delivery. The food was really average, yes it’s pub food but you are paying a premium for it. Real shame.

5 star rating
by Davey
27th August 2012

These guys have stepped up their game lately, we have been really impressed and have found the service and food to be fantastic! We keep going back as its hard to find good restaurants in chch at the moment and will keep going back there as every time is a delight.

Thank-you for making it a good experience!

2 star rating
by Rene
20th October 2011

What do you expect when you go to a pub for a meal.
We ordered 2 steak (med rare) and salads with sides of fries, fairly easy pub meal I would have thought.

It was a Wednesday night The service was less than average, with the waitress putting more emphasis on shoving booze down us, the meal took nearly an hour to come out I had to go and ask where it was..and as far as I could see we were the only ones eating, when the steaks finally came out they looked like rubber and were way over done, I guess its my fault for having high expectations, put this on par with a bad experience I had once at Chillikiwi on Papanui Road, some people and businesses just don’t get it, it’s about the food and service and the way it’s presented that keeps people coming back.

Id go their again for a beer, but never a meal.

3 star rating
by Sam R.
19th August 2011

Waaaaay better than Tower Junction. We got served our dirnks pretty fast and the bar man was pretty nice (and hot apparently) but our food took a while. The caesar was pretty small for $25 kinda like an entree or side. But it was tasty.

5 star rating
by Michelle F.
6th January 2010

Speight’s Ale House Ferrymead, worth a trip out.

If you love watching sports on the numerous large screens, and generous servings of well presented food….then this is your place!

Great things about the venue are the service, young vibrant bar and restaurant staff are always on the ball…. large indoor/outdoor eating area, local and imported bands now and then…. ambiance is casual, fun, friendly.

Good things are the menu, large servings, variety ok, but could do with more vegetarian options, decor is a talking point…… oldest local pigs head…(passed humanely so I am told!)…. and sports paraphernalia.

EXCEPTIONAL things are the fabulously sagacious host. Mr Andrew Norton is the host with the most! Welcoming and always takes time out to make his guests feel special…..

Appealing, entertaining and you walk away feeling satisfied…..value for money.

5 star rating
by Terry Hallam
14th December 2008

Visited twice during our holiday.
Great varied menu to choose from.(Beware the large portions).
Service good and very friendly hosts.
First visit was so impressive that we took several members of family in NZ for a last night meal together before returning to UK.
Thanks for a memorable evening.

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